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Good morning! Did you watch the premiere of Real World DC last night? I did! (Dutifully!)

Quickly: Kudos to MTV for opening the episode with my ninth favorite Magnetic Fields song. This is the only nice thing I have to say! Now, a look at the blog recaps! WeLoveDC solicited help in devising a Real World drinking game and declared the show “suddenly watchable,” if only because it yielded solid live-blogging. The Baltimore Sun‘s Reality Check blog was underwhelmed. Entertainment Weekly‘s PopWatch blog was impressed that the show had “a straight, atheist, African-American dude and a bisexual, Christian, white dude debate whether God exists on an MTV reality show“—-compared, at least, to Jersey ShoreWashingtonian‘s Capital Comment hasn’t posted its recap yet, but it declared that the most painful thing about the show so far is “Andrew’s lesbian haircut.” This probably would’ve been true—-if only I’d muted my television.

Housing Complex recaps the premiere party.

@realworlddcnewz is still recovering, it seems.

2Birds1Blog will not be recapping the show:

I know I should care about this season because it takes place in my ‘hood and I’ve got mad DC pride and blah blah blah, but honestly, The Real World could take place in Edward Norton’s pants and I would still rather poke my eyes out with a blunt object than watch. There’s nothing appealing to me about watching a bunch of whiny 20-year-olds walk around DC acting super impressed with themselves. Because I did that already. It was called: I went to American University.

Didn’t the Sexist already make that joke?

And the Anti-Real World DC blog didn’t have anything to say, because it apparently stopped caring in August.

New Year’s resolutions from D.C. bands.

The quote-whoringest film critics of the year.

Wale performs with the Roots Tuesday night at the 9:30 Club (via 2DopeBoyz):