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Louisiana’s Hurricane Chris has been rapping for over a decade, even though he’s only 20. His mother was a rapper, which may explain why he seems unconcerned with credibility. His chief aim, Ben Westhoff writes in this week’s City Paper, is concocting giant, crossover club songs. Westhoff writes:

On Category 7: Bad Azz Hurricane, a mixtape from 2009 with Lil’ Boosie, he showed he could hang with that Bayou State goliath. Still, his recently released sophomore record, Unleashed,was delayed for months; perhaps execs feared it would underperform like Boosie’s latest, Superbad: The Return of Boosie Bad Azz. The problem with that album was its plethora of soporific “for the ladies” tracks; Unleashed, on the other hand,is a track-and-field event filled with quick, dirty stanzas. “Bend it over backwards then I hit her with that good jab,” he raps on “Beat It Out the Frame.” “Gotta holler ‘Damn,’ let me put some jelly on that jam.” Almost all of Unleashed’s tracks are about getting or admiring booty. Chris’ voice is full of young, endearing menace, and it’s often difficult to tell if he’s angry, horny, or both. But he never phones it in, even when he’s being serious.

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