(This photo never gets old)

Wale is back in the (ahem) news today, as the subject of much Twitter and blog gossip. His current single “Pretty Girls” is a reinterpretation a longtime Backyard Band standard, and it looks like Interscope is about to give a big push, video treatment and all. Except, according to the internets, the go-go outfit is/was calling for a boycott of the record, either stemming from royalty issues or the fact that he shot the video without them. A screencap of this vague Facebook status from BYB sparked the conversation and Wale responded thusly.

Earlier this afternoon, Wale denied the rumors on WKYS: “Myself and Backyard Band are extremely happy about the success of the record… we are actually shooting the video on Thursday night with some members of the band.” Twitter reactions from members of both Backyard and TCB (the band behind Wale’s 2007 similarly go-go tinged single “Ice Cream Girl”) have since been deleted.

Update: Backyard’s Big G just called into KYS: “it wasn’t never no beef, it was just some miscommunication about the situation on the video… [BYB vocalist] Weensey’s gonna be in the video, Wale and them working out the kinks.” Crisis averted. Move along, nothing to see here.