Check out this behind-the-scenes video from the set of Wale‘s “Pretty Girls” promo. For starters, it’ll need a reshoot or two following yesterday’s near-kerfuffle: Members of the go-go group Backyard Band—-whose own standard “Pretty Girls” is sampled in Wale’s single—-were upset they weren’t included and took their grievances to Twitter and Facebook (they’ve since deleted the relevant tweets). The near-beef’s been dodged: Wale told WKYS last night that Backyard Boys vocalist Weensey will now appear in the video. Phew?

But “Pretty Girls” also raises another ish—-what do you do when your guest artist is in jail? Consider Gucci Mane,  who 1) probably dropped more guest verses than any other rapper in 2009; and 2) is currently serving a 12-month jail sentence for violating his probation. To judge by this clip, Wale’s, erm, prepostproduction answer is to nod in front of a green screen while looking conspicuously bored.

Not to frustrate what’s already turning into a video shoot of Rube Goldberg-like complexity, but we hope Wale will figure out a way to incorporate his incarcerated friend that’s slightly more creative than Big Boi‘s recent attempt. In the “Shine Blockas” video, shots of the OutKast rapper occasionally fade into repentant, martyrlike stills of Gucci that come off as utter overkill—-especially since, despite the jail-stay, Gucci will probably release two albums in 2010 to Big Boi’s zero. Some ways that Wale can avoid such pitfalls after the jump:

Make the most of the green screen: Here, Wale can follow Omarion‘s lead. Check out the “I Get It In” video, for which the former B2K singer and Gucci probably didn’t even stand in the same room. For “Pretty Girls,” Wale could tap some archival footage of Gucci, or, like, bake a Flip camera into a birthday cake and hope it makes it through prison security. That plan always works, right?

Animation: Gucci with superpowers? Gucci in a flying house? Gucci with unicorns? Instant gold.

Sock puppets.

Inventive casting: The I Am Tiger Woods Spartacus manoever. To avoid all future beefs, Wale could just tap everyone he’s ever known, ever, and dress ’em in Gucci Mane T-shirts—-or, for that matter,  “Free Gucci” Tees. Teach everyone the words to Gucci’s verse and we’re good.

Make a Blingee:

If none of the above works: Jail break.