Once OK Go was a band on treadmills; now it’s a band at a crossroads. More than three years after becoming YouTube celebrities, the group has made a vast departure from its previous work with Of the Blue Colour of the Sky, its third album. In his review in this week’s City Paper, Marc Hirsh writes:

Clipped fragments of Damian Kulash’s disembodied voice are quickly replaced with the electronically distorted buzz of Tim Nordwind’s bass and the heavy prog pounding of Dan Konopka’s drums coming together in 5/4 time. Gone is OK Go’s incisive and diverse power-pop. In its place is the feeling—bolstered by the production of David Fridmann, full of his signature mind-expanding whomp—that the band has finally discovered the Flaming Lips’ The Soft Bulletin 10 years after the fact. Or OK Computer. Or Purple Rain. Or The Con.

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