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Sampling the thought streams of D.C. musicians past and present.

Kingpen Slim:

-This dude at ihop got so many waves, even his baby hair shape up re growth on his neck got waves lol this is a brushing mofo

-2 things I never leave the house without, a watch & some cologne, tonites selection Michael kors watch aqua di gio http://twitpic.com/xzprs

-has anybody EVER met somebody named Oprah? like the talk host has to be one of a handful of ppl with that name


-We must act as if the corporate, materialist-based culture has already withered away and we are living in a future of our own creation. -SR

-The ego is a product of pathology. The suppression of the ego is the defeat of the dominators, the materialists and the product-peddlers.

-The japanese 80’s action film soundtrack concept album I made is now also on bandcamp: http://tanimuramidnight.bandcamp.com – stream!

Tabi Bonney:

-I’m back in effect! I got health insurance + dental coverage. You can call me Healthy Tab from now on…soon you can call me Wealthy Tab.

-I’ve been on point though. I’m not a sickly dude…I workout + I brush my teeth twice a day & floss every other. But now it’s really on! lol

Beauty Pill (Chad Clark):

-The laptop & headphones allows you to make private music in public. It’s incredibly enjoyable. I’m surprised more people don’t do this.

-I would love it if some kind of trend or movement emerged. “Stealth rock.” Or something. I’m kindof addicted to it.

-Haiti, already such a wretched economy. It’s hard to think about anything else today. Music seems stupid.