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People spend a lot of time and money trying to get happy, but Des Ark‘s Aimee Argote is not among them. A year’s worth of feeling good has, apparently, really messed with her creative mojo. On her blog she writes:

for a while there i fell into an uncomfortable downward spiral of writing well-adjusted easy going solo songs, until eventually all the lighthearted happiness started totally bumming me out.

Des Ark shows tend to be all-ages, but were the band to be assigned an MPAA rating, it would certainly be “R.” Argote’s lyrics are rife with adult situations, bad vibes, and righteous anger. Des Ark’s music is raw and earnest in the best, most powerful way. The audience cries. The band cries. The volume might vary—-sometimes Argote performs with a band and a Marshall stack, sometimes just alone with an acoustic guitar—-but emotionally speaking, it’s always deafening. So a few months of feeling mellow could have a devastating effect on the band’s ability to perform.

Luckily, things should be back on track for tonight’s show at Big Bear.

but now i got a pile of new songs, and these new ones, they’re nothing like those two old ones. they’re fucking sad, & so i’m just writing to let you know that everything is going to be ok, that everything is back to normal. i’m done wasting your time with that sappy happy crap, kicked the bug from my system. i’m playing real songs again. it is time to fucking cry, y’all!

Bring a hanky.

Des Ark (solo) w/ Ben Davis & The Jetts, Minor Stars, Pizza
Fri., Jan 15 @ 7 pm
@ Big Bear Cafe
1700 1st St. NW
$5-$7 Donation