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Hello and happy MLK Day! I’m going to blame the long weekend and its lack of arts news for the fact that I’m now going to write ~200 words about the Golden Globes: They were really awful! James Cameron wants to export his arty utopianism to small children in Africa and Asia! Ricky Gervais was OK! We remain lucky to have Robert Downey Jr.! Also, it was really unclassy when the show’s producers cued the music during Michael Haneke‘s speech accepting the award for best foreign film—-not that, like, what he had to say was any more valuable than, um, Drew Barrymore‘s speech (she won for her role in HBO’s Grey Gardens). But aside from Martin Scorsese, Haneke was probably the most accomplished filmmaker in the room. Erm, quickly: Mo’Nique! Meryl! Jeff Bridges! (Sandra.)

The worst speech from the best actor? Christoph Waltz for Inglourious Basterds:

Thank you very, very much, members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. A year-and-a-half ago, I was exposed to the gravitational forces of Quentin Tarantino, and he took my modest little world, my globe, and with the power of his talent and his words and his vision, he flung it into his orbit—-a dizzying experience. And then Lawrence Bender got to work and Harvey Weinstein, and David Linde and Universal. This whole planetary system of collaborators assembled around Quentin. And Brad decided to star, Diane Kruger and Melanie Laurent. And I needed reassurance, I was in awe, and I got this reassurance from the wonderful people at Weinstein … Quentin made a big bang of a movie, and I wouldn’t have dared to dream my little world, my globe, would be part of the constellation. And now you made it golden. Thank you very, very much.

(Also, there were some TV awards!)

– The Nevin Kelly Gallery is closing its retail space, DCist reported on Friday, but will continue to host pop-up shows.

– In Leno/Conan news: A deal—-a more than $30 million deal—-for Conan to leave NBC is in place, the New York Times reports. Also: An anonymous source tells the New York Daily News that Conan O’Brien’s team rejected bringing on Lorne Michaels as a Tonight Show producer; comic Louis C.K. says Conan should’ve stuck with Late Night, WaPo reports; and Jay Leno’s not the bad guy, insists Jay Leno’s staff, who speak with the AP.

Teen Dream, the third album the Baltimoredream-pop duo Beach House, drops at the end of the month. It’ll come with a video for every song, each by a different director, and Gorilla vs. Bear is premiering one each day this week. The first video, for “Lover of Mine” depicts what would happen if my friends and I had 1) facial hair; 2) dropped a lot of acid; and 3) tried to re-create El Topo. Freaky!