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Morning, readers.

*So a kind soul has invited me to New York this spring for a performance of Two Gentlemen of Lebowski. If you haven’t yet gotten down, the gist is that screenwriter Adam Bertocci went viral with a 75-page, iambic pentameter rendering of the iconic Coen Bros. screenplay, which will now be staged at the Krane Theater between March 18 and April 4 of this year. (Full script available at the first link above.) Intriguing? Absolutely. Witty? Apparently! But worth the Bolt Bus fare, plus $20 admission, in exchange for an hour and forty minutes of a joke that might easily get super old super fast? You decide! Let us know in the comments.

*Speaking of Lebowski: Golden Globe victor Jeff Bridges almost turned down Crazy Heart before learning that T. Bone Burnett was onboard.

*Bet the Portland Mercury has been storing this headline for years, just on the off-chance.

*Oh look, Peter Travers reaches new depths of smarm while interviewing Willem Dafoe.

*The A.V. Club hopes to save the Strokes from all that bad press. You know—the bad press from, like, 2006. And it’s about time!

*Snoop Dogg on signing Cypress Hill: “I just signed west coast’s finest off the east side.”

*Dennis Hopper pulls a reverse Newt Gingrich.