Good morning, readers!

*Tonight marks everyone’s favorite redhead’s departure from The Tonight Show. With Tom Hanks and Will Ferrell lined up as guests and many more cameos expected (rumors are Steve Carell may make an appearance), it’s sure to be an unforgettable show. Even though Conan O’Brien is walking away with a $45 million settlement (roughly $30 million for himself and the rest for his staff, according to yesterday’s Washington Post), it still seems like he got the raw end of the deal. Tune in tonight and rock your “I’m With Coco” shirts while you down a bottle of your favorite alcohol as you mourn Conan‘s departure from one of the most beloved TV franchises. (Or, at least, that’s what I’ll be doing). Fare thee well, Masturbating Bear. It’s been real.

*Tommy Wiseau‘s The Room is playing at midnight today and Saturday at Landmark E Street Cinema. Wiseau’s “I-meant-it-to-be-weird-and-the-comedy-is-intentional” attitude and air of superiority about his notoriously bad movie makes its cultish ridiculousness even more delicious. (Wiseau has said that he’s on the same page as Hitchcock and Shakespeare and even submitted the movie to the Academy Awards back when it originally debuted in 2003). If The Room isn’t your style, E Street is also showing back-to-back midnight showings of Gremlins on the same day.

* Mid City Artists are having a free open house at Art 17 at Coldwell Banker on Saturday afternoon, according to Free in D.C. Chuck Baxter, Isabelle Spicer, and Zade Ramsey are among the numerous artists to be featured, and refreshments will be offered. Come for the art, stay for the food.

*Howard Stern announced he might be leaving Sirius radio yesterday, according to Hollywood rag The Wrap. Stern says he’s gotten several offers, but isn’t sure if he’s ready to make the big move yet. At least some radio stations are ruled out; Stern said he “can’t ever imagine the day where I’d work for Clear Channel.”

*Ke$ha has officially entered her fifth week at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and with Lady Gaga‘s “Bad Romance” reigning strong at number two, I can only assume that America has a thing for quirky blondes that wear an excessive amount of face paint. (Fetishists everywhere are drooling).

*Though Haiti benefit concerts and food fundraisers have been popping up all over the city this past week, tonight is the time to hit the town as restaurants and venues alike raise money for the cause. The Millenium Stage at Kennedy Center is hosting a Haiti benefit concert (complete with actual Haitian music) with musicians John Pierremont, Tabou Combo, Felina Backer, the Let Freedom Ring Choir, and the National Symphony Orchestra. Brightest Young Things reports that Cre8 Studio Gallery is having a concert/art auction, “Black: One World for Haiti” with works by artists like Chanel Compton and Moe, with music by Adrian Loving, Laughing Man, and more. Bring along that can of soup or green beans that’s been sitting in the back of your cabinet collecting dust to the studio – entrance into the gallery for the event is $5 with a canned good.

*Tonight in City Lights: Sockets Records has a showcase at the Black Cat. The D.C.-based record label is hosting local acts of all genres ranging from hip-hop to disco. The Cornel West Theory, Hume, Imperial China, Buildings, and Big Gold Belt are expected to take the stage.