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Bloc Festival 2010: Your pals at Festival Watch like to keep you informed about things that don’t happen in this country. Maybe it’s ’cause we’re jealous that we can’t really afford to go to them—-and are hoping that we can live vicariously through those of you who can.

Anyway. If there’s ever been a festival that we here at FW might just think about emptying the ole bank account for, it’d be this one, on England’s Atlantic coast. Salt-n-Pepa, Grandmaster Flash, Roots Manuva, Ellen Allien, Autechre, and about a billion more awesome electronic acts? Color us there. Maybe.

It happens over the weekend of March 12-14. It’ll cost you (and us?) between 140 and 150 quid (what is that, like 300 bucks?), lodging included. Airfare is, of course, extra.

Chaos in Tejas 2010: We here at FW used to make fliers. Fliers? You know: collage-y things cut out of magazines and such, meant to tell members of our community when to stop by our house for a show. And though we tried (monkey-wrenched Kinkos card and all) our best to make sweet art of these things, nothing we did can compare—-at least in terms of scope—to this.

For those of you unwilling to click, that’s an electronic copy of the flier for the 2010 Chaos in Tejas festival. On it, ably fitted into a space that can’t be much larger than a piece of legal-sized paper, are the logos (!!) of some 35 bands, the names of 25 other musical outfits and presenters, and various other pieces of information. Though the work was clearly not done via the ole cut-and-paste (at least not with tape and scissors), it’s enough to make us recall our DIY flier-making days.

Anyway. For trad-punk, metal, and brutal music lovers at least, the 2010 CiT line-up is just about as impressive as the promo material: Headliners include Australia’s X (not to be confused with the one from Los Angeles or the one from the Netherlands), a re-united Bastard, Subhumans, Rorschach, and Poison Idea.

The festival is scheduled for Memorial Day Weekend (May 27-30), and will, from the looks of it, take up much of Austin’s downtown club space. Tickets, according to the flier, will be available soon. Until then, you can check in for updates at, um, webang.blogspot.com.

Coachella 2010: OK. So we know that you know that they know who’s going to play Coachella this year. Gary Numan! Faith No More! PiL! Wale! Whatever. We’re more excited by Fantasy Coachella game as conceived by the Posties over at Click Track. Our line-up? Public Enemy ($200k); My Bloody Valentine ($100k); Jesus Lizard ($60k); Trouble Funk ($40k); Clinic ($20k); DJ/rupture ($20k); Four Tet ($20k); Mi Ami ($20k); Northeast Groovers ($20k). Okay, so we kinda went outside the WaPo-approved list. But, c’mon—-it’s Fantasy Coachella, people!

For those of you interested in going to this year’s version of the real thing, tickets are on sale starting today. $269 gets ya in for the whole shebang.