Tomorrow, D.C.’s True Womanhood will finally release its debut EP, Basement Membranes, on the Baltimore-based label Environmental Aesthetics. Recorded in at least three different studios—-Brooklyn’s Death By Audio, Magpie Cage, and at home in D.C.—-over the course of a year, the EP’s six songs are caked with haunting sonic gloop. Guitars drone, drums pound, and samples are mangled into a kind of neo-goth fog that would make Tricky a little jealous. Gloom has always factored heavily into True Womanhood’s schtick—-just check out the early mp3 paired up with this One Track Mind—-but Basement Membranes‘s trippy production takes things a step further.

Check out a preview of “Shadow People” here:

For now, the release is digital only, but physical release via CD and vinyl is apparently forthcoming. True Womanhood performs Friday with Exit Clov at the Strathmore Mansion. Doors at 8 p.m. $10-$12.