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A round-up of recently released vinyl records by D.C.-based labels and bands

Mingering Mike & The Big D: “There’s Nothing Wrong With You Baby Pts. 1&2”
The first ever vinyl release from enigmatic D.C. soul musician/artist Mingering Mike. Originally put to tape by Mike and his cousin, Big D, in a bedroom, “There’s Nothing Wrong With You Baby” is about as raw as you can get. The rhythm track is an afro pick slapped against a phone book. But the song’s soulful message—encouraging a young girl to be unique—rings through. Packaging comes as originally designed by Mike, way back in 1969. All proceeds benefit Mingering Mike. A hot debut, to be sure.

Trans Am: What Day Is It Tonight?
Yeah, you took them for granted when they lived here, but now Trans Am has blown out of D.C. and taken it’s vocoder with it. Were they joking all of the time, or only some of the time? It’s hard to tell with instrumental rock music. Whatever the case, you can’t see them play live every other weekend anymore, so this double live record should make a meaningful memento. The live take on Red Line‘s slow response slams. Expertly written liner notes tell the brutal truth about post-rock living. Thrill Jockey’s website says the vinyl is sold out, but there might still be some copies drifting around the local record stores. Available digitally via the Thrill Jockey website.

Casper Bangs: “The Other Half” b/w “Queen of Hearts”
District-based striver Rob Pierangeli presses the best two songs from his debut EP to wax. “Queen of Hearts” pairs dreamy new romantic-vibes with an extended shoegaze space-out. The flip is darker and harder—noise guitar squalls and a tight bass-breakdown buoy tales of bartender suffering. On white vinyl in a white jacket with a braille logo. Decadent, for sure.

Felt Letters: “600,000 Bands” b/w “Lone Wolf-No Cub”
Ian Svenonius, Brendan Canty, and Tom Bunnell team up to deliver the most important musical statement of the last decade. Further details in last week’s “One Track Mind” article.