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*Bob Dylan paints his masterpiece? Theoretically. El Bard is set to debut some paintings based on his “Drawn Blank” series of sketches from the early ’90s. TO WIT: “Man on Bridge” (right; acrylic, 2009).

*Related: The Guardian has a neat little slideshow of Dylan’s Nov., 2007 exhibit at the Chemnitz Art Gallery in eastern Germany.

*Not quite related: Student trips into 1904 Picasso at the Met, tears 6-inch hole, inspires Independent retrospective, “Art Attacks: From vomiting on Mondrian to elbowing Picasso.” Sort of cool!

*The Who releases Super Bowl set list, more or less. “It’s quite a saga,” Pete Townshend tells Billboard. Actually, it looks like Townshend’s more or less pulling a Petty—no “A Quick One (While He’s Away),” or, for that matter, “Boris the Spider.” Still, at least Billboard isn’t harping on the proposed boycott.

*Ticketmaster, LiveNation merger going through after all.

*Beatles, Wu-Tang Clan, together at last.