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*Gold Derby is predicting that Taylor Swift will win Best Album at Sunday’s Grammy Award ceremony, edging out fellow nominees Beyoncé, Dave Matthews Band, Lady Gaga and the Black Eyed Peas. Not predicted? Everyone’s favorite category: who will show up the biggest drunken mess?

*Despite George Clooney‘s appearance on every awards show and television commercial lately (we get it, Up in the Air, you’re a new cinema classic), Entertainment Weekly PopWatch‘s Harris Poll only ranks the superstar at number six in their favorite movie star sampling. Clint Eastwood came in at number one, with regular favorites Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep and Morgan Freeman ranking fifth, eighth and ninth respectively. (Eastwood was also named the top favorite among Republicans, while that honor went to Denzel Washington among the lefties.)

*Reports from Sundance suggest that audiences are “disgusted” by The Killer Inside Me, according to Jezebel. The film, based on a 1950s novel of the same name, apparently shows brutally graphic beatings of both Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson, causing viewers at the screening to leave. This may be the first time audiences at an Alba or Hudson film have walked out on one of their movies based on actual disgust rather than just generally bad plots. (It also goes to show that people don’t read books anymore — if the novel has extreme violence, generally so will the film adapation.)

*Timbaland says he loves Nickelback. He’s the only one.

*The Wall Street Journal reports that Martha Stewart is moving The Martha Stewart Show to the Hallmark channel. No rallies are being held … yet.

*Tonight in City Lights: George Jenne‘s “Don’t Look Now” at Civilian Art Projects, an exhibit inspired by horror films — just as disturbing as it sounds.