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R.I.P. the Apes. When the psych-rock quartet dissolved last year, D.C. lost a great band, but also a pretty good stand-up routine. You could also count on them to drop a pitch-shifted booger-themed monologue in between songs. Midnight Kids—-which includes three former Apes, along with bassist Kalani Tifford and singer LouLou Ghelichkhani—-is a more sophisticated affair. Ghelichkhani channels the bored divas of legend—-Debbie Harry, Nico, maybe even a little Donna Summer. Steady grooves and synthesizers evoke spinning disco balls, fog machines, and glitter. Rock-face is out. Grown and sexy is in.

Midnight Kids w/ The Mantis @ Velvet Lounge $8 9:30 pm 915 U Street NW