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Today’s mail brought an advance copy of an intriguing new memoir. I know it’s an intriguing new memoir from its title: Burdens on My Journey: An Intriguing Memoir.

For my money, author Aubrey C.H. Brown Jr.,, D.Th. has chanced upon a title so generically complete that future memoirists will cower in its shadow.

I’d also like to think that Dr. Brown has planned forays into new and more daring media; here are the titles he’s considering:

  • Songs That More or Less Have to Do With One Another, and a Couple That Don’t: A Concept Album
  • Dots of Color Arranged on a Canvas Such That When You Stand Sort of Far Back, It Looks Like a Dude: A Pointillist Painting
  • How to Do Some Shit That You’ve Always Wanted to Do But Couldn’t For One Reason or Another: A Self-Help Book
  • Guy Grows Out Hair, Joins Band, Gets Strung Out, Then Either Makes Stirring Comeback or Dies Young: A Biopic About a Musician
  • “Fourteen Lines Consisting of Three Quatrains of Interlocking Rhymes, Followed by a Couplet: A Sonnet”
  • Ah wait, the Onion got there first.