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*The Guardian‘s lit blog posits Twitter as an elegant way to announce one’s resignation, cites the case of Jonathan Schwartz, who until yesterday morning served as CEO of Sun Microsystems. His #haiku effort:

Financial crisis
Stalled too many customers
CEO no more.

Schwartz loses points for imagery but recoups on the kicker. Bonus point to Alison Flood for the headline.

*The Seattle Stranger‘s Charles Mudede conceives a cosmic explanation for the appeal of the blues. Basically, he says, the aab verse structure reminds us of the settling of the universe, galactic asymmetry, &c.; what he describes sounds like the prequel to “If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day.”

*I don’t watch Lost—no TV; bad internet connection—but thanks to the magic of Twitter, it’s like I was there! Actually, it’s a lot like that Family Guy episode in which Peter gets a job attending movies with blind people and describing the action to them, detail by excruciating detail.

*How’s this for a man-bites-dog hed?

*The Brits get Alice in Wonderland a week and a half before we do.

*David Malitz doesn’t just write about bands—he’s in them, too! Check out “Here Comes Trouble,” new single from the Cheniers. This shit goes straight to your temporal lobe!

*Newest supergroup: Mary J. Blige, Steve Vai, and Travis Barker.

*Second Dead Weather record could be out by April; it’s “bluesier and heavier than we ever thought,” Jack White tells Spin. The White Stripes‘ new film, Under the Great White Northern Lights, will show at SXSW in March.