This week ended with snow, but it also ended with PROG—-in the form of “Song of the Great Kataklysm,” which author Jeffrey Rotter recorded with a number of D.C. punk-rock vets to promote his recent novel. We also looked at an eerie J.D. Salinger portrait, and people remained upset about Fan Death. But their ire’s nothing a snowball fight won’t fix: Go play outside, folks!

  1. D.C. Punk Vets Record Prog-Rock Song to Promote Novel
  2. Robert Vickrey’s Salinger Portrait: A Myopic Reading
  3. Photos: Epica @ Jaxx
  4. Fan Death Records to D.C. Bands: “Stop Sucking”
  5. Fan Death to D.C.: “We stand 100% behind what we said.”