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Good morning! I consumed a lot of soup and chili and beer last night and am paying for it today!

So: that half-time show. Very boring; Townshend and Daltrey looked and sounded old; pretty lights; blah blah, yes we all agree. More importantly! With the Who, the Super Bowl now seems to have run out of A-list nostalgia acts to rock its halftime show, unless it can convince, like, Pink Floyd or Bob Dylan or Led Zep to play next year. Barring those very unlikely possibilities, and since the Super Bowl won’t book acts not on Medicare following the Janet Jackson incident, I have a few suggestions from the dad-rock B-list:

  • Electric Light Orchestra: “Don’t Bring Me Down” played during an ad last night, and I’ve been hearing the group more and more on classic-rock stations. Increasingly, it feels like Jeff Lynne’s synthetic, symphonic outfit is being revised into a Great Seventies Band, as opposed to a stock one. Ideal setlist: “Mr. Blue Sky,” “Sweet Talkin’ Woman,” “Boy Blue,” “Don’t Bring Me Down,” “Telephone Line,” “Evil Woman,” with accompaniment by the New York Philharmonic and 39 NASA scientists.
  • Styx: On the condition that the group produces a full staging of Killroy Was Here.
  • Guns N’ Roses, current lineup: Just be prepared to reschedule the Super Bowl three, four, or five times while enduring promises that it will be the Super Bowl’s greatest statement ever.
  • But whatever you do: Don’t book Bon Jovi. We’re begging you.

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Have a great day!