Nothing beats a snow day, and nothing’s worse than going to work during one. However your Monday’s going, if you’re in the mood for some culture tonight, you’re in luck—-well, maybe. Below, what’s going on early this week and what’s not. Check back for updates.

THEATER: In the Red and Blue Water at the Studio Theatre, back on Tuesday; Beauty of the Father at GALA, back on Thursday; all shows at the Kennedy Center, back on; I Am My Own Wife at the Signature Theatre, back on; Last Cargo Cult at Wooly Mammoth, back on this week; Folger Shakespeare Library, closed today; Shakespeare Theatre Co.’s Antony & Cleopatra and Henry V, back on beginning tomorrow; The Rivalry at Ford’s Theatre, back on tomorrow.

MOVIES: Everything’s on, unless it’s showing at a Smithsonian musuem; they’re all closed.

MUSIC: Galactic at the 9:30 Club, postponed back on; Gist, Kodiak at the Black Cat, postponed until 3/2; Sarah Massey’s 9th Annual 27th Birthday, a Yearly Ritual of Debauchery and Denial at Velvet Lounge is on, naturally; Azar Lawrence at Blues Alley is on; Mountains at Bossa is canceled.

ART: Smithsonian is closed; Corcoran‘s Dressed to Dance program is canceled; the Phillips Collection is closed.