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Good morning! Yesterday, I blogged in pajamas. Today, sadly, I must wear pants.

Google Buzz! It debuted yesterday! Like Beaujon, I don’t quite understand it! And while it’s cool that Google’s new horse in the microblogging race means I have a couple dozen more followers in Google Reader, I did not appreciate having to confirm them, like, two or three times each. In other news: Google shuttered at least six mp3 blogs hosted through its Blogger and Blogspot services.

– Yesterday I collected stories from D.C. musicians about being creative in a snowstorm. Here’s one I just got from Hume‘s Britton Powell:

To counterbalance the stillness of the quietude I’ve been listening to an absurd amount of soul collected from the fleas of fall, i.e. The Swan Silvertones, Carla and Rufus Thomas, Ike and Tina. Along with sifting through records, this silent storm has provided a great amount of reading time—-I finished a book by Brautigan and started a book on Coltrane’s Ascension. My instruments are still falling victim to the snow, locked up in the Arlington studio Inner Ear, where the band was trapped over this past weekend. I’ve been wandering the house kind of lost without them, but I think its been a good time thinking about the music without immediately being able to pick up an instrument. It sort of allows a restraint on my approach, which is long overdue.

Marvel Comics has apologized for an issue of Captain America in which the patriotic superhero—-well, OK, getting technical: Cap’s World War II sidekick who was a brainwashed by Soviet spies but then regained his memories and filled in as Captain America while the real deal was, um, stranded in time—-took on some tea baggers. TOO REAL.

Bob Dylan puts Vanitas painters to shame. “I can take a bowl of fruit and turn it into a life and death drama,” he writes in the notes for a new London exhibition of his works on canvas.

– Sotheby’s will make you pay for that cloisonné.

Kirkus Reviews has a new owner.

– The D.C. Record Fair is this weekend and—-since, apparently, I’m a “local music connoisseur”—-I was asked (and honored!) to contribute to this AV Club D.C. piece, alongside some people with more impressive resumes and deeper knowledge, like Title Tracks’ John Davis, Medications’ Chad Molter, various record-store owners, and others. They have excellent taste; I like questionable Pere Ubu covers.