Good morning, readers. The influential, iconoclastic designer Alexander McQueen is dead; he likely committed suicide. Honestly, I knew next to nothing about him—-mostly that he was a favorite of celebrities—-and yet he still seemed ubiquitous to me, and not just because of his surname. Even so: The immense, immense reaction to his death is truly striking.

– Also dead: The inventor of the Frisbee.

– You can stream the restored print of Fritz Lang‘s Metropolis later today. Film scholars discovered the more than 210-minute version of the silent sci-fi classic in a film vault in Argentina in 2008.

WaPo‘s profile of Leigh Conner, the D.C. art dealer who runs Conner Contemporary Art, is worth reading.

Janelle Monae finally has a new song.

– Did you see our new Snow Day Sessions video series?

– The diamond dealer Laurence Graff—-whose Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond is currently showing at the Museum of Natural History—-seems to be single-handedly propping up the international art market. Yesterday he bought a Warhol and a Yves Klein. Earlier in the week he bought a Picasso. Next week: He’ll have Damien Hirst slaughter and preserve in formaldehyde an Eton-educated chipmunk. You heard it here first.