It’s hard to release new Black Tambourine material matter-of-factly. People will notice—-the band only released a handful of singles and songs during its brief existence around the early ’90s; its YouTube presence is limited to a few fuzzy clips.

So it’s strange that a new music video of “For Ex-Lovers Only” making the online rounds today is mostly being presented without context. It’s an old song—-the first track on Black Tambourine’s Complete Recordingscompilation, as well as on the self-titled anthology that Slumberland Records will release this spring—-set to old video. “It’s super-8 footage shot by [Whorl member and D.C. indie-rock mainstay] Dan Searing when we did an on-air show at Univ. of MD’s WMUC radio station some time around March of 1990,” writes Brian Nelson, one of the band’s members, in an e-mail (he’s the network administrator at Washington City Paper). The video was directed by Army of Kids, a video production team who have shot promos for another Slumberland act, Crystal Stilts.

And there could be more footage to come, Nelson says. “We’ve also got an old friend who’s unearthed some more video (compliments of snowmageddon free time) of that WMUC show as well as a couple of others,” he writes. “We’re working on getting it transferred and in [label owner] Mike [Schulman]’s hands so we can see if any of it’s usable for anything.”