Good morning (or night), hungover Fat Tuesday-celebrating readers.

*The 30th annual Brit Awards aired last night, garnering awards for Oasis, Jay-Z, Robbie Williams, Florence and the Machine, and Lily Allen. The night’s biggest winner was American favorite Lady Gaga who scooped up all three awards she was nominated for: Best International Newcomer, Best International Female, and Best International Album. Oasis band member Liam Gallagher was a tad less thankful; after winning his Brit Award, he threw it into the crowd from the stage.

*Don’t miss Esquire‘s fascinating and heartbreaking feature article on Roger Ebert. It’s a moving piece that delves into his ongoing struggle with cancer and love affair with film.

*Chanel announces that Martin Scorsese has directed the commercial for its new men’s cologne. The commercial, starring actor Gaspard Ulliel, is set to air in September. One can only hope that the ad will also incorporate Marty’s three favorite things: blood, De Niro, and DiCaprio.

*Jay Leno‘s bandleader of 18 years, Kevin Eubanks, will soon be leaving. Eubanks will accompany Leno through his first few episodes back on The Tonight Show but will leave soon after, much like Leno’s viewing audience.

*Trainwreck Courtney Love will finally be releasing Hole‘s (sans all the original band members) newest (and-five-years-in-the-waiting) record, Nobody’s Daughter, on April 27.

*Tonight in City Lights: “Adam de Boer: Memory Meets Imagination Halfway” exhibit at District of Columbia Arts Center.