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It’s been a long time, but I’m back with another DMV Rap roundup. Check out new songs from Kingpen Slim, Southeast Slim, Fat Tone & Rizon after the jump.

Kingpen Slim – “Gone”
Kingpen Slim has been very vocal about his Clipse fandom on twitter recently so it’s not a surprise that this is basically a Clipse record. Especially on the production end, with producer J Buttah out darking the Dark Neptunes. Right now is a weird moment in time to be emulating the Brothers Thorten, what with them coming off of two consecutive retail flops (three if you want to count the horrendous Re-Up album, but it’d be a lot better if we just pretend that never happened) and a cooling critical response, but it’s not a terrible move. Because, as it turns out, KPS has made a better Clipse record than the Clipse have made in a long time.

Southeast Slim – “Goblin”
You already know Slim was going for the Wayne sample when you read the title. And for a split second I had hoped he’d be rhyming to the Suspiria soundtrack. Psych. This beat is like the karaoke “Gucci Bandana.” Slim raps his ass off but gets ten points deducted for acknowledging the existence of Asher Roth.

Fat Tone – “I’ll Prove It”
The one perk of wading through frighteningly comprehensive sites like DC Mumbo Sauce and past names like (oh yes) Swag Boy Young Reek is when you find a Fat Tone type, a little known area rapper who just rhymes really well with no frills. “I’ll Prove It” is a simplistically infectious record. His aesthetic is part Northern/backpack rap lyricism on this but his demeanor is decidedly DC. “South Side Shit” from last year is another pretty incredible record and I’m not sure how it flew under the radar.

Rizon – “Shopaholic”
Rizon is another name that’s new to me and this the stranger beats to come out of the DMV in a minute. It’s superficially of the same school as the spastic kick driven Swizz Beatz/Philly style beat but bounces all over the place on the strength of some borderline “Percolator” style bubbles. I accidentally opened the youtube in two different windows and it was like I took a hit of acid.