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Good morning! Yesterday I learned about the Russian Rickroll! I’m fairly late to the party on this one, I gather. Nevertheless: Guess where this roundup is going!

Long before she became the first woman to win a Best Director Oscar, Kathryn Bigelow directed a New Order video, in which she dressed the synthpop heavies up as a hair-metal band.

The University of Texas has bought the papers of the late novelist David Foster Wallace. Included in the documents is Wallace’s final, unfinished novel The Pale King, which Little, Brown is publishing next year.1

Every issue of Spin from 1985 to last October is now online and free for browsing in Google Books. Believe it not, this issue from 1986 has a featurette on the D.C. go-go group the Junk Yard Band. Also, Beaujon used to work there.

A few days old, but well worth checking out: Local label Ruffian Records posted a pair of remixes of “Go Where Airplanes Go,” the best (or, well, my favorite) song on the recent album by D.C. art-punkers Imperial China. The group is currently touring, and is keeping a pretty entertaining diary. On the group’s Frankfort, Ky., show:

1. Witnessed a fight between an undercover DEA agent and a young patron of the bar. This DEA agent was also shocked and disappointed to learn that Brendan Harris, the booker, was indeed not a “faggot.” He learned this after hitting on Brendan’s wife.

2. As the fight developed, a woman from the peanut gallery yelled, “I told you there was gonna be some real white trash shit here.”

Imperial China plays Velvet Lounge on March 26 with Cephalopods, which is the band of Ruffian’s Hugh McElroy.