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Complaining in 2010 that all reggaeton sounds the same is like complaining that all techno or zydeco or salsa sounds the same. It’s kind of missing the point, because all of these genres are designed for dancing. The artists maintain those frameworks for the folks shaking what their mamas gave them out on the floor. Take the Puerto Rican duo Alexis y Fido, who perform tonight at Fast Eddie’s in Alexandria.

These 30-year-old small-town islanders have been rapping over beats since their teens. They first joined forces in 2001, when there was room for only one more cut on the compilation Desafio and they both wanted to be on it. Their collaboration became permanent, and since 2005 they’ve released four albums. While these Latin Grammy nominees have occasionally branched out musically—-2009’s Down to Earth includes T-Pain-inspired R&B, a bit of dancehall, and some spacey synth effects—-most of the cuts are driven by reggaeton’s standard skipping, staccato rhythms. Hardcore fans may tell you that former military man Fido creates interesting lyrical concepts and beats, and that Alexis barks on some cuts and deploys adult humor, more casual listeners will simply tell you that these guys know how to get butts wiggling in a club.

Alexis y Fido perform Monday at 9 at Fast Eddie’s, 6220 Richmond Hwy (Rt. 1 South), Alexandria. $25. (571) 282-9659.