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Morning, readers.

*Above: Witness one of the more awkward moments in the annals of Chevy Chase. Or of Paul Simon. Or, more generally, of Caucasian afropop.

*Seeking to resurrect its hip-hop cred, the Washington Post hosts a poll. The question: Which currently incarcerated rapper will produce the best post-slammer record? The ever-trenchant Sarah Godfrey picks Lil Wayne—both because, hey, it’s Weezy, and because he’s on Rikers. Which is like the Mount Helicon of rap, or some shit. (Malitz disagrees; votes for T.I.)

*THE DEPARTMENT OF LARRY DAVID JUST BEING LARRY DAVID? The Independent reports that the cantankerous mastermind behind Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm is talking smack about his old collaborator’s new show. Is The Marriage Ref actually “pointless” and “painful”? (Probably, yes.) Is this merely an extension of David’s Judeo-caustic shtick? (Yes. Yes it is.) Was anyone else disappointed by Jon Stewart‘s handling of Seinfeld last week?

*THE DEPARTMENT OF VAST SUMS OF MONEY ~ Alice in Wonderland tops $200 million in North America, becomes first 2010 release to do so. Reached in the Dorset dungeon where he winters, Tim Burton expressed pleasure at the news, but vowed that his Wizard of Oz rehash would “single-handedly jump start the global economy.”

*THE DEPARTMENT OF SAW THIS ONE COMING ~ NPR Music is streaming the new She & Him.

*Tonight in City Lights: “Mexico 2010: A Vision of the 21st Century” at the IDB Cultural Center