UPDATE: I take it back. Muybridge was all about the 3-D. He frequently created stereoscopic images, like the one above. Original post below:

3-D has gone high-brow.

I received the above, erm, press invitation today, announcing the preview next month of the Corcoran‘s “Helios: Eadweard Muybridge in a Time of Change” exhibition. The English-born Muybridge, a pioneer of captured motion as well as an important figure in the photography of the American West, probably would’ve been intrigued by 3-D technology. Or perhaps he would’ve shot James Cameron dead.

Like his zoopraxiscopes, this is a neat little toy, but probably an unnecessary one: Unlike Muybridge’s innovations, it doesn’t do much to enhance his photography. Mostly it’s just an enabler of my chronic procrastination.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery