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*Yes, another Exile on Main Street reissue. This one appears to have some worthy items, but if it’s priced anywhere the Stones‘ Best Buy-approved 40 Licks, scurry over to your Torrent client of choice. For a lo-fi taste of the flotsam involved, listen to this track: “Good Time Women,” a “Tumbling Dice” prototype. BONUS: Producer Don Was states almost definitively that Gram Parsons does not appear as a ghost on any of the tracks. (Even the outtakes.) This statement will not deter the mythologists.

*The Chicago Trib calls out Broken Bells for “sticking to the script” too faithfully during the duo’s SXSW debut. The new project, a collaboration between James Mercer of these guys and DJ Danger Mouse of these guys, these guys, this guy, this, this, &c., looks good on paper. (Side note: Isn’t Danger Mouse at this point sort of like a trendy accessory? Like making sure to have Chase Insteadman at your party?) J.L. Fischer has listened to the record once, but he’s a close listener, and he says it’s boring.

*THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL: Man punished for considering playing a Killers song with his cover band.

*The semi-latest tweet from the only Twitterer worth following:

*Tim Burton‘s next project: The Addams Family. (True story! I know, I know. But we’re not even fucking with you this time.)

*Tonight in City Lights: “The World of Jacques Tati” at AFI Silver Theatre