The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is a violent tale of rape and murder—with scattered moments of levity. Noomi Rapace plays the main character, Lisbeth, to perfection as a brilliant, angry, and antisocial hacker. (She scooped up Sweden’s Best Actress Oscar-equivalent for her performance in the titular role.) Based on a book of the same name by author Stieg Larsson, the film, about the investigation of a cold case surrounding a teenage girl’s disappearance, is already up for an American remake.

Try as Jimmy Fallon might, one man who can’t be remade is Neil Young. From director Jonathan Demme, Neil Young Trunk Show combines footage from two shows at Pennsylvania’s Tower Theatre—footage demonstrating that Young can still rock. (At 82 minutes, the film is mostly music, including a 21-minute jam on “No Hidden Path.”) Neil Young Trunk Show succeeds at what most concert DVDs struggle to accomplish—making you feel like you’re actually at the show, not watching from a couch.

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