Morning, folks!

SXSW is over. NYTimes observes that the bands this year came off a little more eager to please than in past years.  Also, we weren’t the only ones exhaustively memorializing Alex Chilton.

Fortunately for those of us who spent the weekend pining, a handful of favorites will be trekking to the District before too long. Rolling Stone named its top seven new bands of ’10; Three of them are coming ’round in the next two months (another played last night).

Speaking of last night, did anybody else spend 8 to 9 p.m. watching a posse of Komodo dragons stalk and eviscerate a water buffalo? Screw the tourney, gotta watch this show.

Speaking of the wonders of nature, Disney reportedly has imposed a ban on fake breasts from its Pirates of the Carribean franchise, which it will enforce via “jiggle tests.” Recipe for sexual harassment? Refreshing lesson for aspiring starlets? Rejected Benny Hill sketch? Maybe Hess can help sort this out.

Speaking of sorting things, anybody notice how some rappers are really into incorporating comprehensive lists into their lyrics? Joe Coscarelli did, god bless ‘im.

The Black Keys are streaming a track from their upcoming (Danger Mouse-produced) album, Brothers. I’m gonna go loop it. Catch you later.