Woods: Brooklyn slacker-psych band Woods’ debut LP, Songs Of Shame, sounded like it was slapped together with matchsticks, glue, and a few scratchy Quicksilver Messenger Service LP. By that standard, it was hard to recognize the band during the second afternoon of Other Music’s SXSW showcase. Benefiting from a tighter rhythm section Woods performed a set of driving psych-rock that set free-form freak-outs against Filmore-worthy folk jams.

Sleigh Bells: Hipster-hop party yelps salted with butt-rock guitar riffs. Not the revolution.

Moon Duo, Pocahaunted, and No Age after the jump

Moon Duo: Wooden Shjips guitarist Ripley Johnston and a young lady with a keyboard poured stoner-haze over drum machine loops during the WFMU showcase at Encore. The discerning record nerd would recognize subtle nods to vintage psych, as well as lo-fi trance legends like Spacemen 3, Suicide, and Loop. But if you weren’t keyed in to the band’s reference points, you might have just thought you were watching a guy with a wizard beard practice guitar solos.

Pocahaunted: Part freak-folk throw-down, part pagan rite, and part thrift-store costume party, Pocahaunted’s performance at the Not Not Fun showcase was weirdly uplifting. Think Tom Tom Club jamming with Sun Ra.

No Age: The L.A. based space-punk band played a surprise set at the Ecstatic Peace showcase Friday night, doing new stuff from it’s upcoming LP. A new guy, working the nobs on a sampler, filled out the duo’s stripped-down sound nicely. You can’t help feel a little bad for him, though. It’s hard to be the guy tasked with twisting an FX-send on a mixer while the rest of your band is rocking-out.

Also seen: Dam Funk, Sex Worker, Wet Hair, Eternal Tapestry

Saturday Recap: Nada. Nothing. I had to catch a plane at 6 am, so I missed (Insert sad emoticon here).