While Mia Feuer‘s “Suspended Landscape,” a colorful tangle of cranes, machinery, and pulleys that hangs from the ceiling of Transformer gallery, was inspired by the banality of blemished landscapes in her travels through the East Coast, it’s also evocative of a different misfortune: the 2008 crane collapse in New York City. Walk into the gallery and you’re overwhelmed by beams, scaffolding, and wires so tenuously mounted that it threatens to come crashing down on you at any second. You must navigate its obstacles to even enter the building. Tragedy, however, plays no role in Feuer’s art, for her collapsed cranes are as light as air. Feuer makes the foreboding ethereal, constructing her jumble of would-be metal out of foam. One touch would bring it to the ground, with the only injury being to the artist’s self-assurance.

The exhibition is on view from 1 to 7 p.m. Wednesday to Saturday to April 17 at Transformer, 1404 P St. N.W. Free. (202) 483-1102.

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