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Morning, readers.

*L.A. Police are looking for Suge Knight, who stands accused of robbing a rapper named Yukmouth. It’s hard to believe that the chief of Death Row Records could be a suspect in such a crime. After all, he has such a clean record with no accusations of dangling people over buildings, or, y’know, shooting 2Pac.

*NPR lists “Ten Things I Read In Jennifer Love Hewitt‘s Book That Are Not Hallucinations.” Among them: Excessive punctuation (!!!), the use of “lol” in a nationally published book, and bedazzling your vagina. Color me surprised.

*The 1930 Swiss painting “Portrait in the Garden” by Paul Klee is recovered after more than 20 years after it was reported stolen from a gallery in New York in 1989.

*Robert Culp dies at the age of 79. The actor was best known for his roles in television shows I Spy and Everybody Loves Raymond.

*The Wrap reports that Noah Baumbach is set to direct the film adaptation of the best-selling novel The Emperor’s Children by Claire Messud. Baumbach’s newest film Greenberg (also known as Ben Stiller‘s dramedy vehicle whose trailer makes me a little teary), is set to open to limited release tomorrow, and already gathering good reviews.

*You know that creepy guy Fred from YouTube? Yeah, he’s getting his own made-for-television movie on Nickelodeon. A whole new generation of children will be scarred.

*Lady Gaga becomes the first artist to garner one billion online video views. Gaga is closely followed by the Twilight saga and Soulja Boy, showing that the large majority of people on the Internet have plenty of time on their hands and not a lot of taste to accompany it.