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Morning, readers. My gripe of the day is that I haven’t seen A Behanding in Spokane yet and fear that I may miss it altogether. My buddy checked it out, though, and says it’s just about the greatest. Do me a favor: if you’re in Manhattan, or close by, and can smuggle your Flipcam into the front row, send me your pirated version of Behanding and win 1) a City Paper t-shirt of my choosing and 2) a lifetime supply of Black Plastic Bag stickers!

*Holy Unregenerate Geezers, Batman…they’re making a sequel to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid! Old Man Cassidy will be played by Sam Shepard, who has the unenviable task of explaining to audiences how he survived what had seemed like almost certain death in the iconic closing frame of the 1969 film.

*I did not realize that Weird Al Yankovich had slept with Madonna.

*Ann Hornaday enjoyed Hot Tub Time Machine much more than Kolowich did.

*DEPT. OF HMM I WONDER WHAT WELDON AND RHODE HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THIS: Behold, the world’s most valuable comic book!

*Hey, Freud! Your stuff on Leonardo? Pretty sweet. But sometimes a homoerotic book on anatomy is just a homoerotic book on anatomy.

*Like things to be free? Check out our new-ish promotions page! True, some contests are more thrilling than others. But act now and win two (2) screening passes to whatever movie I watch via Netflix Instant tonight on my buddy’s laptop. I’m thinking Cool Hand Luke. (The original; not the forthcoming Sam Shepard sequel.) It’s gonna be off the chain!