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Morning, readers.

*MGMT releases its “Flash Delirium” music video. There’s old ladies playing wooden instruments, talking throat-slits filled with eels, and puppets. The usual.

*Diesel is releasing a special Iron Man 2 cologne in anticipation of the film’s May 7 release. The bottle is shaped like a red fist, but nerds will notice one particular problem: the image on the box is of Iron Patriot, not Iron Man.

*Lady Gaga claims she suffers from insomnia because her music is always on her mind. She states, “My passion is so strong I can’t sleep – I haven’t slept for three days.”

*The Jersey Shore cast is officially setting up camp in Miami, further proving that MTV doesn’t know how to leave well enough alone. (Though, admittedly, as a fan of 16 and Pregnant, I thought Teen Mom would suck; it’s awesome. Watching it out of morbid curiosity and/or being an actual fan? Same difference.)

*Rip Torn pleads not guilty to bank trespassing charges from January. I almost wish he was booked just so we could get another one of these gems.

*Stephenie Meyer announces she’s putting out another Twilight themed book. This chick is like herpes. Just when you think it’s gone…

*The New York Times reports research has shown that Oscar winners live four years longer than their fellow nominees. No word on how long their marriages last.