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Morning, readers. Tom Avila live-tweeted the Helen Hayes awards so we didn’t have to!

*Aaron Sorkin to write the John Edwards movie? NY Mag suggests the West Wing/Few Good Men/Charlie Wilson/American President/&c. &c. mastermind will likely get film rights to The Politician, former aide Aaron Young‘s account of the former senator’s implosion. Sources close to my desk hope that Zac Efron is being considered for the lead.

*Bob Dylan officially banned from Beijing and Shanghai. ‘Cuz the Party still won’t forgive him for playing with the Butterfield boys. 45 years ago. (West Coast Sound has a different theory: It’s all Bjork‘s fault.)

*A pornographic parody of The Big Lebowski—cleverly titled, The Big Lebowski—has a trailer on TMZ. Oh, that link back there? Super SFW. Mainly a lot of bowling jokes and a Julianne Moore lookalike. Also, that dude from Pirates.

*Ray Manzarek comments on new Doors film, overuses the term Dionysian.

*Rumors of music videos’ demise at the hands of Twitter a) are debunked and b) never really came up anyway.

*Sykes does Badu.

*Ifill on Remnick on Obama.