Malcolm McLaren, the svengali who assembled the Sex Pistols, is dead. He claimed to have invented punk rock, and undoubtedly was a central figure in it.

As far I can tell, he didn’t have much of a connection to this punk-rock town (the Sex Pistols, in its original lineup, didn’t play D.C.). I called up Dischord, whose Alec Bourgeois, late of the Capitol City Dusters, couldn’t think of a link, either. Readers, anything come to mind?

Here’s one connection McLaren had to D.C.: He appears in the work above, and helped create it with the late artist Jeremy Blake. It’s a still from an uncompleted video portrait called Glitterbest, and it showed at the Corcoran in 2007 and 2008.

Image courtesy of the Corcoran Gallery of Art.