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Need some Monday-afternoon cheerleading? DC Mumbo Sauce has your back. The site just posted a new cut from Black Boo, of the D.C. go-go/rock band Mambo Sauce. He’s got kind words for the newest, and controversial, Redskin, Donovan McNabb.

“I know way too many people here right now that be hating on the Redskins/We laughing at y’all,” he sing-raps over the beat from Drake‘s semiorchestral, Autotuned, Weezy-cribbing single, “Over.” “I don’t know what the Eagles did and why ever would they trade him/McNabb still be throwing the ball/But not in Philly, no,  not in Philly…”

Hear the song here, or stream it after the jump:

Black Boo – “Redskins Song”