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Good morning! Or as the Romanians might say: Bună dimineaţa!

The 24th Filmfest DC kicks off today, and in this week’s City Paper, we laud the festival’s organizers for their spotlight on forward-thinking works of the Romanian cinema. The Romanian New Wave—-or the New Romanian Wave, or the Noul Val Românesc—-has lit up the international festival circuit in recent years, which is cool, but most of the time these films are pretty elusive—-some land at E Street and the Avalon, many don’t. So take advantage, Washington! (Related: About 100 ways to say “My hovercraft is full of eels.”)

The opening-night film is Hipsters, which shows tonight at the AMC Mazza Gallerie. It’s a musical love letter to Russia’s 1950s stilyagi subculture, in which the country’s wayward youth dressed like their American counterparts, except with more clashing patterns. They also dyed small animals pink (apparently!). Here’s my review! WaPo‘s Ann Hornaday also has some thoughts on Hipsters and the festival in general. She writes that “the festival’s 10-day program features a notable number of movies devoted to popular culture and the ways it intersects with social change.” I dig.

Robert Hoffmann, a former director of the National Museum of Natural History, is dead, WaPo reports.

The New York Times has an update on the former Randall School in Southwest, which earlier this year the Corcoran sold to the art collectors Don and Mera Rubell, who own a museum and hotels in Miami, as well as the Capitol Skyline Hotel here. The sale ignited a spot of controversy, since later this year an exhibit the Rubells are curating will land at the Corcoran. TheDistrict sold the Randall School to the Corcoran in 2006 for a cool $6.2 million, well below what it was thought to be worth at the time—-had the Corcoran developed the property, it would’ve housed the relocated  Corcoran College of Art and Design, as well as apartments. The Rubells, pending approval of the District, plan to build “apartments and a luxury hotel with an in-house museum at the site.” The museum will be a satellite of the Rubells’ Miami institution.

New videos from locals the Cornel West Theory and Bluebrain:

Stay hip, Washington. Noroc!