Good morning! Today is Emancipation Day, which commemorates Abraham Lincoln’s 1862 proclamation freeing the more than 3,000 slaves in the District. There is a lot of related stuff to do!

Also on a Civil War tip: Titus Andronicus is headlining what I’m pretty sure is the highest-profile Positive Force benefit show in a while, tonight at 7:30 p.m. at St. Stephens Church. Titus’ new album is called The Monitor, for a famous Civil War naval battle; it’s also about, um, the psychic state of New Jersey. I’m pretty sure. All the best songs are over six minutes. It has screeching guitars and tremulous pianos and bratty lyrical motifs, and it’s been my driving music for, oh, the last month now. This has not pleased my significant other. Also! The band leaves me with serious beard envy.

Lotsa stuff on today’s Metro Connection about local music. Let’s review! Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra? Very cool stuff, although our jazz guy was on it a month ago. Wale? Yes, I believe I’ve heard of him. And then something about a singer/songwriter, who’s now just a songwriter, I think, who’s playing at Wolf Trap, I think. This happens next week. (I think.)

Tough love: I’m a big, big fan of the Vinyl District blog, which has been doing all sorts of great things in anticipation of Record Store Day (which is tomorrow). But I don’t get why so much of the site is in italics, which plays hell with my eyes. I mean, this is kind of annoying, right?

LCD Soundsystem is streaming its new album, This Is Happening, for free. It’s, um, pretty good!

Didja see our loving coverage of this year’s Filmfest DC, which kicked off last night? Anglophiles and Francophiles, move over. Romaniacs, this is your moment!

OK, enough with the italics. Have a great day!