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Pietro spends his days on a park bench,
waiting for his daughter, in
Quiet Chaos.

More yays than mehs today, with a large selection again for those of you in the mood for something Italian. Also, a gripping recount of the Indonesian invasion of East Timor, and a rote South African wedding comedy.

See it:Friends at the Margherita Café
In his effort to become a regular at Bologna’s Margherita Café, Taddeo starts chauffering for Al, a leader of the group that congregates at this town institution. Soon Taddeo gets to know the other regulars in all their quirkiness. “It’s pure comedic fun,” writes Tessa Moran.
6:30 at Avalon Theatre

The Balibo Conspiracy
Based on true events, Balibo retells the 1975 Indonesian invasion of East Timor and the brutal murders of five telejournalists who were covering the story. The film is “immaculately paced,” writes Ted Scheinman. “It moves, it grips, and for all its activist intonation, the story never gets subjugated to the message.”
6:30 at Regal Gallery Place

Quiet Chaos
After Pietro’s wife dies in a tragic accident, he becomes immersed in grief. Suddenly he never wants to be away from his 10-year-old daughter, Claudia, becoming a neighborhood fixture as he spends his days waiting on a park bench until she gets out of school. From his perch, he encounters family members and random characters from his past and begins to let go of his grief.
8:30 at Avalon Theatre

The Sicilian Girl
17-year-old Rita Atria seeks revenge on a rival mob after she sees her father  killed when she’s a young girl, and later loses her brother to its hands as well. Tricia Olszewski writes that the film offers “a thrilling and nail-biting portrayal of what someone who was born into the thug life can do when she decides to speak out about those who’ve wronged her family.”
8:30 at Avalon Theatre

Skip it:White Wedding
Post-apartheid jokes abound in this South African bachelor-party comedy.  Before his wedding to Ayala, Elvis takes a road trip from Capetown to Durban with his best man Tumi, which “quickly devolves into a farce that plays out along the country’s racial, cultural, and linguistic divides,” writes Amanda Hess. Meanwhile, Ayala contends with stock wedding drama back in Capetown, including an ex-boyfriend and a gay wedding planner.
6:30 at Regal Gallery Place

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