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Good morning! If Arts Desk has a favorite topic, it has to be Washington Post music-related eff-ups (see here, here, herehere). Or possibly Fan Death.

Yesterday’s error might take the 9:30 Club cupcake. In a photo accompanying Chris Richard‘s lovely rundown of Sunday’s Earth Day concert on the mall, the Roots bassist Owen Biddle was misidentified as the actor Giovanni Ribisi. This did not escape the Roots’ notice, nor the Village Voice‘s. The caption was corrected, and Richards posted on Click Track about it: “At least we didn’t confuse Tuba Gooding with Cuba Gooding?”

Now, I don’t want to raise a stink over what, I’m fairly sure, is the most hilarious caption error since the New York Times plopped Hillary Clinton‘s name below a photograph of two little people wearing angel wings. But seriously: What sort of severe drug use or inhumane sleep deprivation allowed this to happen?

Also, is it me or does Ribisi sorta look like that guy on Mad Men?

WaPo‘sBlake Gopnik asks of the statues running down New York Avenue NW: Are they art? When I asked—-jokingly, I might add!—-the same thing about the Hirshhorn bubble, the LA Times’ art critic Christopher Knight described my question as philistine.

More from the Post: The hiring of my new boss earned a mention on WaPo‘s Post Now blog yesterday, but not in today’s print. Michael Schaffer did make it into the Style pages, though, in the paperback roundup.

Positive reviews on Pitchfork of D.C. bands.

An update on the soon-to-be-complete construction of the new Arena Stage.

That’s all I got!

Photo by Brandon Wu.