Good morning!

Perhaps you read Maura Judkisgreat feature this week on Andrew Wodzianski, the local artist who for the last two weeks has been living in a comfy 10 by 10 by 10 habitat in a retail space on U Street. It’s actually the first of five pop-up projects—-think low-concept art meets high-concept real estate—-sponsored by the Cultural Development Corporation, and Borderstan has the skinny on what the firm has planned next.

The music-streaming service Lala is shutting down after today, and I am heartbroken. ( was neutered earlier this month. Not long ago, Imeem died a terrible death at the hands of MySpace. So, um: Whither Pandora?) Apple bought Lala five months ago, and today’s move presumably lays the groundwork for the giant to launch its own streaming service, perhaps a subscription-based one. Undoubtedly, it will be less awesome.

DCist has two Three Stars interviews worth reading, with locals Lightfootand the Underwater Peoples label.

Mount Pleasant Music Festival? Yes, please. It’s Saturday, and Deleted Scenes are headlining.

Should the National Gallery mount more 21st-century art? Sure. WAMU explores.

Happy Friday!