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Morning, folks! Brief roundup this morning. I don’t do clever when it rains.

David Muse, Yalie and associate director of the Shakespeare Theatre Company, is going to be the next artistic director of Studio Theatre. For more on Muse, see this bio in WaPo—which it had to push in a pinch after our Trey Graham broke the story Friday. For more on Yalies, see this useful essay.

Speaking of theatrics, Nancy Franklin takes on Glee, Fox’s High School Musical-jacking sensation responsible for those karaoke pop covers that nobody can seem to get enough of. While the musical numbers might be meticulously pitch-corrected, Franklin observes, the rest of the script is largely tone-deaf.

Not so Friday Night Lights, which has demonstrated an acute sense of itself over three seasons. Season 4 startes this week; Salon has a primer for initiates.

The LA Times has a confusing profile of Concord Music Group, lavishing the Beverly Hills-based label for holding the line in a dying industry by aiming for modest growth and “not swinging for the fences.” You mean all labels need to do to survive is strike a deal with Starbucks, get the largest business group in music to distribute your product, acquire one of the industry’s most beloved indie labels, buy rights to Paul McCartney’s entire post-Beatles catalog, and sweet-talk the local paper into writing a fawning profile? At last, a business model!

Eat a warm lunch today. Bye!