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There need not be any foppish scuffles between Unrest purists this summer—-three eras of the influential D.C. pop-underground band will perform in East Coast cities as part of Teenbeat Records’ 26th anniversary shows this summer. There’ll be the latter-day trio of label head Mark Robinson, Phil Krauth, and Bridget Cross, which in the early and mid-’90s landed on 120 Minutes and earned positive notices in glossy rock mags. There’ll be the more punkish group of Robinson, Krauth, and Dave Park, playing songs from the late ’80s. And opening up the Unrest set will be the trio of Robinson, Krauth, and Tim Moran, which formed at Wakefield High School in Arlington. (The Justin Chearno era—-the Pitchblende singer played on Unrest’s “Yes You Are My Skinhead Girl” 7-inch—-is conspicuously absent from the bill.)

The show hits the Black Cat on July 10. Versus, the Rondelles (in its original lineup), and Bossanova are also playing.

Debate still rages over proper style for the label’s name. The website uses Teen-Beat. Andrew Beaujon—-departing City Paper managing editor, leader of the label’s Eggs—-prefers Teenbeat. “I violently oppose the hyphen,” he says.