‘Ello! The Shakespeare Theatre Company’s Harmon Hall will host two high-profile British plays next season in what WaPo‘s Peter Marks describes as a coup for the organization. No longer, it seems, is the Kennedy Center the only D.C. destination for marquee productions from across the pond. The Great Game: Afghanistan opens Sept. 12 and Black Watch runs from Jan. 25 to Feb. 6. More theater from WaPo: Tony nominations; backstage at Taffety Punk’s Burn Your Bookes and a rundown of Folger’s 2010-2011 season.

City Desk runs down another recent Listserv-fueled controversy involving public art in Adams Morgan—-involving, it so happens, a number of people who figured into the last one we wrote about.

Scott Vogel, the fine arts editor at the Post, resigns.

You dig the new M.I.A. song; you’re not sure what to make of its bloody, NSFW video. Now learn about the band it sampled, Suicide. Obligatory D.C. connection: Vintage D.C. indie-poppers Black Tambourine recently recorded a cover of Suicide’s “Dream Baby Dream” for an excellent reissue.

When will Brightest Young Things introduce us to some gallery boys?

Pitchfork’s oral history of Galaxie 500 is really special. Spend your morning reading it and listening to this: