According to Emma Watson, her first week at Brown was awful, and apparently it’s a cliche to drink out of Solo cups. Yes, Emma, we really do drink out of these. The company doesn’t have annual sales of $2.4 billion for nothing.

Women rocked awesome hats in tribute to Dorothy Height’s signature look. Hats are such a deep-seated aspect of the traditional Sunday church gear for African-American women, they’ve even got their own hat-wearing etiquette. Among the rules: Don’t wear hats a shade darker than your shoes, and don’t wear hats wider than your shoulders.

J. Lo on portion control: eating a piece of something fattening won’t kill you, but eating the whole box will. Uh, I’m pretty sure that unless you’re talking about a whole box of cyanide, that’s not true.

Summer movie season kicks off tonight with Iron Man 2 hitting theaters! Between this and last night’s Cinco de Mayo fiestas, workplaces around the country are probably looking a little emptier today and tomorrow. H Street Country Club featured adult piñatas at their celebration—I’m picturing condoms and Pocket Rockets… anyone care to confirm or deny?

There’s an event next week at the Bethesda Bang & Olufsen to support Dupont Underground: 100,000 square feet of mixed-use space, including galleries, a cafe, and arts-related retail, opening in an abandoned trolley station just below Dupont Circle. Partners include Capital Fringe, the Curator’s Office, and the Phillips Collection. Yes, please.